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The Witch is Back!

These Thunderclap campaigns could really use some help! Please add your support <3 All of the authors, myself included, would really appreciate it if you would add your support to these Thunderclap campaigns

**Series 1**…/61494-bennettwitchchronicles-1

**Series 2**…/61497-bennettwitchchronicles-2

**Series 3**…/61498-bennettwitchchronicles-3

**Series 4**…/61499-bennettwitchchronicles-4

**Series 5**…/61500-bennettwitchchronicles-5

**Series 6**…/61501-bennettwitchchronicles-6


**Bone Orchard**

**Chrysalis Lights**

**Egyptian Cat Eye**

**Ghost Town**

**Grimoires & Lip Gloss**…/61506-grimoires-lip-gloss




**Phoenix Gate**

**Schooled By Magic**

**Something Wicked**

**Stone Cold Magic**

**Temple of the Forgotten**…/61514-temple-of-the-forgotten

**The Crescent City**

**The Dread of Dublin**…/61516-the-dread-of-dublin

**The Storm**


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