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The Witch is Back! Are you ready to see where Bonnie’s journeys have led her?

Coming Halloween 2017 The Bennett Witch Chronicles!
16 Stand Alone books that continue Bonnie Bennett’s journeys around the world! Get ready to see what adventures our dear Bonnie has been up to since The Vampire Diaries ended. Buckle up and hold on tight because Bonnie is sure to take you on some incredible adventures!


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Get your copy of Egyptian Cat Eye today! See how Japenese Folklore and Egyptian Mythology meet! See what Bonnie Bennett has been up to since leaving Mystic Falls! Kindle Worlds is now a part of Kindle Unlimited
Kindle Worlds is now a part of Kindle Unlimited! Take advantage of this and get your copies of these 16 Stand Alone Novellas today! When I traveled to Egypt on a mission to rescue a young witch, I thought it would be nothing more than a simple snatch and grab. Instead, what I found was a vengeful god determined to get the attention of the entire world and a girl who was much more than merely a witch. Add a magical cat’s eye gemstone choker to the mix, and things seem pretty dire. But I didn’t volunteer for this mission just to back down when things look like they’re going to be difficult. Pulling myself up by my bootstraps, I follow my locator spell to the Pyramids of Giza, and that’s when things get dicey. I know I need to get this witch back to Mystic Falls and the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted, but that’s going to prove to be more tricky than any of us were planning on. ABOUT THE SERIES With her magic restored, her best friends livin
Now Available in a Kindle Worlds near you, The Bennett Witch Chronicles! Follow Bonnie Bennett on her travels around the world and see what situations her witchy ways have gotten her into! #EygptianMythology #JapaneseFolklore #BWCBooks #KindleWorlds #TheVampireDiaries #TVDFans #TVDForever #MysticFalls